gardener1955 (gardener1955) wrote in partnersoftsmen,

me and my transgender girlfriend

I am in a relationship with a transexual male (male to female), we have been in a relationship for almost a year bar 2 days. i love her to pieces and she loves me but as she progresses through the stages she has changed very much in her temperment etc, i understand fully that she must take care of herself and that she must be selfish and self indulgent but my problem is that i am trying and trying to cope with this as i love her so very much but our relationship is at a tpping point and i want to do anything i can to claw it back from there but i don't know what to do.

there are extenuating circumstances that are causing some problems, sex (unfortunately mainly my fault) i understand that  as a transexual it becomes less and less possible to have the wish for sex let alone have it unfortunately being only 19 my testosterone seems to be telling my brain what to do, money unfortunately as i have no job and no savings left after payinh my tuition fees and what i had left on keeping myself alive in the city she had graciously given me a place to stay with her and has thus far been paying for most things , patience i understand that hormones replacement therapy means she can become more agitated easily but whenever there is a problem she turns a molehill into a mountain, not feeling happy she says to me that she is not hppy in her life as there is so much argueing which is mostly caused by herself that she never argues with anyone but me and this makes me sad as i have no way of calming her down in most cases.

i try to give her space but as we live in a small 1 person studio it is hard to do, i really miss what she once was but at the same time am looking very much forward to what she will become at the same time i am not to happy about what i hav become i hate argueing i hate fighting i hate being so stressed out. my hero and i suppose the person i once doppleganged was dylan from the magic roundabout in so much as there is nothing to worry about there are no problems cross the bridge when you get there etc.

please i am begging anyone who can give me some helpful advice to do so asap she means the world to me and i do not want to lose her thanks
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