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let's see... where to start... I am a SO of someone that considers themselves to be transexual... potentially ftm. we have been together for just over a year, and we were together and dating starting as two females... then it turned into her slowly becoming more butch... and the hair getting shorter... and then she told me about being trans... she figured we would break-up, but i told her that i loved her anyways, and did some research... i figured things wouldn't happen as fast as they have, but over the summer, most people at work refered to her with male pronouns, and thought she was a guy, so lately she has come out as trans at school... i am trying to be gender neutral, and all of that, but i am having problems switching over to all male pronouns and the male name... we both decided it would just take some time, but i get offended when people refer to her as my boyfriend or to us as a straight couple... i identified as a lesbian, but i have always believed that it wasn't necessarily the sex of the person, it was the person themselves... i find myself more attracted to women, but i think i am just really confused right now... because i am very attracted to her, and the thought of her being a guy... i find myself looking at guys some too now... and ... i don't know... if there is anyone out there that wants to talk about stuff like this... let me know... i need some support... jen
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