Little Old Lady From Pasadena (chavagrrl) wrote in partnersoftsmen,
Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Surgery help...

I have a friend who is having top surgery at the end of this month and I need some advice. I'm well-versed in trans stuff (my partner is trans) but I've never taken care of someone after surgery.

He's single and pretty much alone so I'd like to do as much as I can. The problem is that he's a tough old guy and doesn't like to ask for help. Here are the things I'd love to have help with:

*What kind of food is he likely to want? What kind of food can he eat?

*What kind of medical stuff should I be prepared to deal with?

*Will he have the energy to read or watch tv or will he be sleeping most of the time?

*How long should I bug him? In other words, at what point should I start to believe him when he says he doesn't need anything?

I know everyone is different but any advice you can give will be appreciated. Links and books are wonderful too.

Thanks in advance...

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